PharmerSea is a privately run 25-acre ocean research and discovery facility located in Santa Barbara, CA. We strive to build networks and collaborations that actively work to deepen our understanding of how we can sustain the Earth's most precious resource.

Mission driven impact brands can revitalize and restore, to create a sustainable BLUE future. We are passionate about supporting ocean farming, seaweed product development, Blue technologies, ocean facilities and regenerative businesses. We are actively participating in the creation of a thriving aquaculture industry that provides local, fresh, and sustainable products that exist to support a healthy relationship with the ocean.
We SEA the future.


Co-Founder Daniel Marquez is a Santa Barbara-born facilities specialist, bringing his many years of experience and practical applications to the world of aquaculture. His passion for the ocean paired with his love of Santa Barbara was his driving force to partner with Greenwave to introduce ocean farming to the West Coast. His dream is to restore the kelp beds that once thrived along the coastline as they did when he was younger.



Co-Founder Antoinette Marquez is a certified Thalassotherapist with a history of work in the healing of human conditions. She is a beauty formulator and has a Thalassotherapy line of sea plant based products, Ama Sea Beauty, derived from Pharmersea supplied, humanely, sustainably harvested seaweeds. Her dream is to help restore the oceans and improve the human condition through symbiotic relationship.