PharmerSea is a privately run 25-acre ocean research and discovery facility located in Santa Barbara, CA. We are working to deepen our understanding of how we can sustain the Earth's most precious resource. Mission driven impact brands can regenerate, restore, and create a sustainable BLUE future. We are passionate about supporting seaweed farming, seaweed product development, Blue Technology, ocean facilities and regenerative businesses. We are active in creating a thriving aquaculture industry that provides local, fresh, and sustainable products that exist to support a healthy relationship with the ocean.
We SEA the future.


Pharmersea supports blue economies (this is our research and discovery – Mitigating harm through responsible practices-we help develop the systems that will mold an industry)

We engage in legislative activity, so we can be hands-on the regulatory process. PharmerSea is at the forefront of industrializing an American seaweed industry by engaging in R&D, product/facilities development and consumer product development. We believe it is possible to move into the future with responsible systems capable of mitigating harm. 


PharmerSea is the parent company of Ama. Ama Sea should be showcased as the first consumer brand born out of Pharmersea. Ama should highlight the effectiveness of our ingredients (all farms have hand harvesting as part of their sustainable systems), the expertise of our formulator, the ingenuity of our package designer and our business development/social skills. Ama should show what an Ama-zing product we are capable of creating. We must without a doubt emphasize that it is not good enough to grow kelp. As an industry we must include the development of seaweed consumer goods in the kelp farming business model.