We believe it is possible to merge healthy people on a healthy planet.


PharmerSea is a 25-acre sea pharm located off Elwood pier in Goleta, CA. The Pharm is operated by a husband and wife team - Daniel and Antoinette Marquez. 

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Daniel is Santa Barbara-born and a facilities specialist who brings his many years of experience and practical applications into the world of aquaculture.  His passion for the ocean paired with his love of Santa Barbara was his driving force to partner with Greenwave to introduce 3-D ocean farming to the West Coast. His dream is to restore the kelp beds that once thrived along the coastline as they did when he was younger.



Antoinette is a certified Thalasso Therapist and has a history of healing human conditions.  Antoinette is a beauty formulator and PharmerSea supplies her beauty line Ama SeaBeauty with a sustainably and humanely harvested seaweeds. Antoinette utilizes PharmserSea as her natural Thalasso therapy location for treatments and supplies. 

Together Daniel and Antoinette believe we can turn to the seas as a human life support system that takes nature into a new health and wellness model. The ocean and its bounty teach a valuable lesson and prove to us that we can return to the beginning and allow the seas to save us. 


PharmerSea exists to: grow American Thalasso therapy supplies, mitigate climate change and offer the marine industry new networking possibilities. PharmerSea is privately ran and it is the sole producer for Ama Seabeauty products. PharmerSea bases its principals on the fact that we must find a new way to live on a living planet. The creation of a new Blue-Green economy can assure that we always put the planet first. PharmerSea plans to support a new Thalasso therapy culture of healing, to participate in the creation of an American aquaculture industry and to provide training, consulting and support for marine livelihoods.

We hope we can show you how to Sea Life a New way.