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We are a new generation of consumer product developers, conservation enthusiast, ocean farmers and BLUE facilities experts. PharmerSea is a privately operated 25-acre ocean farm with a 30-year history of ocean research and data collection on the West Coast. PharmerSea was founded in 2015 by Daniel and Antoinette Marquez who are dedicated to protecting our oceans by creating responsible consumer goods with stewardship as a leading virtue.

It is our goal to propel an American aquaculture industry that provides locally-sourced ingredients to produce sustainable ocean-inspired skincare, wellness and other consumer products. Through social education and mindfully crafted products, we intend to help consumers fall in love with American grown seaweed that have the capacity to restore and revitalize ocean biodiversity.

PharmerSea will serve as a training facility for future ocean farmers and showcase our expertise on designing and building BLUE facilities.

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The Problem:

Ocean farming is a new concept in the United States. Approvals to conduct ocean aquaculture are currently difficult to obtain and proper training opportunities for aspiring farmers are limited.

Current aquaculture activities and research in the United States are focused on food, fertilizer and fuel. American grown ocean ingredients are currently missing and unavailable in the marketplace.

Extracts, whole seaweeds and other marine derivatives are currently sourced outside of the United States. This adds costs, reduces transparency and it is unknown if responsible practices are utilized. Outsourcing puts personal care products on blast for animal testing, irresponsible practices and puts fair trade in question.

The Solution:

Farmer training, partnerships for proof of concept, and the development of American made marine ingredients that support ocean conservation.

PharmerSea offers a variety of services that support a new BLUE economy.

  • Product development/branding/packaging services

  • Permitting assistance

  • Proof of concept/grant collaborations

  • Collaborative sea-space partnerships

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